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Sheryl Imhoff COO of CVC

Sheryl Imhoff

Sheryl’s role as Chief Operating Officer for CVC focuses on aligning operational excellence and access to care to ensure CVC offers a patient-centric experience for community-based cardiology needs. Sheryl’s passion for a culture of service for our patients and community partners is paramount to positioning CVC for future growth and

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Barbara Chacon, CFO

Barbara Chacon

Barbara is a skilled accounting and finance leader with 15+ years in industry and 10 years in public accounting. Her work transforms financial information into actionable intelligence to help implement strategic vision and achieve financial objectives. Barbara is adept with converting large amounts of data into performance measures and is

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Caterina Rhodes Regional Director of Imaging

Caterina Rhodes

Caterina is an engaging results-driven professional, highly skilled in the techniques and tools relevant to regional outpatient radiology operational management.  Caterina’s strength is the ability to rapidly achieve organizational integration, assimilate job requirements as well as introduce new ideas, concepts, methods, and technologies. Caterina has 30 years of outpatient radiology

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