Barbara Chacon, CFO

Barbara Chacon


Barbara Chacon

Barbara is a skilled accounting and finance leader with 15+ years in industry and 10 years in public accounting. Her work transforms financial information into actionable intelligence to help implement strategic vision and achieve financial objectives. Barbara is adept with converting large amounts of data into performance measures and is proficient in applying a broad and strategic business perspective to solving problems.

She has worked with a variety of organizations in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors as an auditor in public accounting and as a controller/finance director of small to medium-sized companies, some with foreign operations. Barbara’s industry experience includes healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, and various service industries.

One of Barbara’s special talents is bringing order to the accounting function, focusing on GAAP, internal controls, asset protection, and compliance. Her skill set includes creating policies and procedures to streamline accounting operations; developing budgets and providing variance analysis; liaising with external professionals; and developing staff to thoroughly understand and perform their duties to the best of their abilities.

Barbara’s goal is to provide concise and accurate information as efficiently and effectively as possible so that end users can make intelligent, informed decisions.

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