The CVC Research Department coordinates clinical research trials as part of our goal to advance cardiovascular health and accelerate the pace at which life-saving procedures, devices and medications reach the public.

The Research Department at Cardiovascular Consultants, Ltd. seeks to achieve recognition as a center of excellence in cardiovascular research. At CVC, our main goal is to provide better cardiovascular care for all patients through research discovery and developments from our participation in ongoing research initiatives. It is by maintaining our core values of integrity, professionalism, quality, commitment and compassion that we will continue to provide the highest level of patient care for every patient, every time.

Research FAQ

We hope these trials will lead to better care in the future for our patients and ongoing discoveries in cardiovascular disease. For more information, please contact your CVC provider or call our main research line at 602.824.9502.

A clinical research trial is a research study designed to evaluate the safety and/or effectiveness of treatment on a human condition or illness. The treatment can involve an investigational medication or device.

They are conducted to see if existing or new medications are safe and effective through different regimes, to compare existing treatments and to study different ways to use standard (approved) treatments so they will be more effective, easier to use, and/or decrease side effects.

Each trial is led by one or more of our experienced CVC cardiologists. The clinical research team includes doctors, nurse practitioners, and nurses as well as other health care professionals from our practice. All CVC investigators have many years of clinical trial experience. Please feel free to talk to your provider about our current studies and your participation.
Benefits include access to potentially new research treatments, expert medical care for the condition being studied, and the ability to help others by contributing to medical treatment and research advances. Our investigators are specialists in the disease being studied.

Yes. Enrollment into a clinical trial is based on a rigid set of criteria. These criteria vary with each trial. Your decision to participate in a clinical trial is voluntary and should be based on your personal needs, interests, beliefs and expectations. It’s important that you understand your rights as a research volunteer participant and the risks involved before making your decision.

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